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They Didn’t Want Me
To Publish This Book!

The Indigo Code is a Cosmic Travel Guide to Earth for Indigo Starseeds Who Wish to Transform
Their Lives Using Multidimensional Practices in Their Enterprises.

Insane Value Gained

Multidimensional wisdom has been distilled into proven blueprints with over three decades of successful results.

Indigo Entrepreneurs Only

This book isn’t for beginners & sleepwalkers. You have to be worthy of this book & the changes it delivers. No BS.

Controversial Content Ahead

Inside you’ll see why I was threatened not to publish or talk about it; When I retaliated,
They knew who I was.

The Indigo Code Book

Awakened by Choice, Warrior by Nature!

The bonuses are worth more than the book.

We set an ambitious goal for ourselves: “Use different skills to target the left-brain and the right-brain hemispheres. that locks a transformation process that will last indefinitely.” This book is multidimensional in a way that it incorporates workbooks, rare books, and Fantasy books that target the more visual and creative persons who don’t like to use too much with their analytic brain. It is certainly a coursebook, travel guide, and reference book to keep on the shelf at your office. Moreover, in every chapter, you’ll find a reference for the resources page. Once you enter, you can download your workbook, and print it (we recommend using pen & paper for this one). Your journey starts now. Own it!

The Indigo Code Workbook
Richard Lionheart

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Richard Lionheart (“Don Ricardo”) is a 2nd wave of Indigo Children that came here with a mission and skills that separates him from other Sleepwalkers. An active Fleet Commander, best-selling Author & Speaker, and a BMW GS rider that suits his wanderer spirit. We are now entered a time of great shift of consciousness that has been acknowledged thousands of years ago through ancient civilizations. Richard chose to reincarnate here to guide and lead the Starseeds’ grand awakening. Now, he is available for live audience event booking.

Conference Speakers
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“Entrepreneurs will find this book mind-blowing, as it is packed with knowledge and blueprints that guide them on the path to success.”


“One the most important books of the 21st century. Encyclopedia for Starseeds who are tired of being slaves to the system.”


“There’s no way anyone can remain a sleepwalker after facing Richard and this book. Ruthless honesty. No BS. No CAP.”


The 2024 Medellin Indigo Code Tour is Coming
4 lectures, 3 speakers, 2 days.
8.8.2024 at 08:08

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