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Your Journey from Sleepwalker to Awakening
Six Doors, 12 Routes, 24 Blueprints - Are You up for the Task?
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Awakening isn't a Choice. It's a Calling!
Indigo Children who owns the 40 Indigo Codes, and part of the 144,000, Your Time is Now!
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This is you before you decipher the Indigo Code

Current State:"Sleepwalker"

You can consider yourself awake as you get up in the morning, after your night sleep, wash your face, and heads up to work. Right? 

You live inside a matrix of holographic reality, thinking you’re awake, just 
like a dream where it feels so real. Only after you open your eyes, and only than, you say to yourself: “Wow! That was just a dream.” 
That is what I’m talking about here. You are either an awakened soul or a Sleepwalker. So, which one are you? 

If you are here, that means that you have an inner voice that told you to check this one out. Now, we will start a journey from your current state, through the doors in the book, each with it own immense values for you. You will gain a coherent insights about what the Indigo Code journey is all about. 

Follow the Next Step of Your Journey
Let's Move on to the Next Step in Your Journey

Before you will open the doors, it’s important that you will know about the rise of the indigo children, and how the environment affects you. There are total of 12 paths that together will transform your life, in the time you will flip the last page of this multidimensional journey.

Let me make it clear: This journey (and the Book) isn’t for the faint of hearts. If you don’t resonate with any of the topics here, or perhaps this is way too advance for you, you can let it go, and seek some routes that are suitable for rookies. Still here? Great. Let’s begin with Door number 1.

The first door you open is the door that consist of 4 checkpoints, that gives you the bigger picture of your souls journey. There are 2 thumb rules for this phase: 1) You are an immortal, unlimited, god-like infinite consciousness that came here to Earth for a short trip with missions.
2) You are willing to explore your true origin and rise above the rat-race.

Chapter 1 talks about the decision to come to earth, born into a limited physical body, The four elements of Fire-Water-Air-Earth, than we’re moving into the 7-years cycle of your life here: 0-7, 7-14 etc.

Chapter 2: Vibrational Alignment is everything, talks about the five steps of using the law of unified field, what you know as the Law of Attraction. This is Esther & Jerry Hicks teachings that I supperized it for you, with case studies. We also mention the 3 phases of ACTION.

Chapter 3 talks about the role of RESISTENCE in your life here. Is it really a negative aspect? This is very controversial chapter where we talk about what is the secret behind the scenario of bullying. Than, Prostitution is a karmic cycle!!! Seeking approval from others and more. Trigger Warning!

The last chapter we are going through the science of the metaphysical realms in a nutshell, especially in regards to brain waves.


Human vs Cosmic POV
Follow the Next Step of Your Journey

Here we will continue with the 15 traits that builds the Multidimensional Entrepreneur and the urgent need of humanity for awakened leaders that will replace the corrupted leaders that sided with Enki, the great trickster. This followed by the 8 principles of enlightened leadership.

One of the main dishes of this door, is the 30 characteristics that compose the Indigo children. Now, there are 40 codes that I reveal in my Live Events, and on the Starseed Lounge™ Show.

Chapter 6 is all about the Indigo Entrepreneurship Diagnostic System™ that if you wish to find out if you are Starseed, and if you can work with me. Yes! If you fail this filtering system, I won’t accept you into the tribe.

In chapter 7 we touch the Fear of success that Indigo children facing duo to Traumas from the Atlantis war. In the workbook I share 50 types of personal fears that I’ve encountered.

Chapter 8 is the bigger one, and touches the lifestyle that are bad for Starseeds, and the one that is optimal for you. If it’s nutrition, your social circle, training, cold baths, breathing, your social circle, and more.

Chapter 9 is all about the Pineal gland, The fluoride deception that influence the pineal gland. You won’t believe how important it is.

DOOR 2: Multidimensional Entrepreneurship

Multidimensional Entrepreneur
Follow the Next Step of Your Journey

Here you are getting an introduction to Cosmic relationship, human bonding, and Karmas. Here there are two definitions that are vital for you awakenings; the first is my definition of relationships: “Aligning vibrations for the purpose of co-creating.” Sounds about right. Right?
Now let’s move to understanding what is Karma? This is a “Misalignment between the source perception and human point of view.” Yup!

The next chapter takes you into the realm of “Trigger Alert!”. Here we discuss topics such as the marriage institute; Monogamy; Polygamy; polyamory; open relationships; betraying your spouse, and the prostitution origin here on earth – How source sees it.

Chapter 13 is all about the Black Roses. and what are they?
“Besides the influences you get from the media, education system & your core family there is an element that many aren’t aware of – Energy Sucking Entities (“Black Roses”) that can easily turn you sideways and hinder your efforts, without you been aware of it. – I call them “black roses” – the reverse-spiral energy suckers – They are entities that have one-way valve – they take energy without giving back. A full blueprint of diagnostic for you and others are within the attached Workbook.

After this phase you will have a look how relationship will be after full disclosure. That sums up the third door.

Door 3: Relationships and Dating of the 5th Kind

Relationship of the 5th kind
Follow the Next Step of Your Journey

“The current Human Social Structure  is collapsing, everything is changing nowadays, and will increase from 2024 to 2030. We are witnessing to times of great changes in our lives here on Gaia, in both aspects of physical living and the great spiritual awakening that we are experiencing as a human species. Now we know that we are vibrational beings living in the illusion of matter as we so used to look via our left-brain lenses, hence our “hard times” we are experiencing in our short life span on Gaia. New energy is sweeping all over our galaxies, influencing our beliefs, perception, our mental & physical existence as well as our relationship to old structures such as: Pharma, politics, food, water, technologies, knowledge on human true origin, our psychic abilities, religions, the matrix, history etc.

We will address the changes in the work space, and you as the monetary system is about to go away in the near future. 

Next, we will have a look at the false prophets, called Religions. Who created them, and for what purpose? 

Now, it’s the time to know how and why the Multidimensional Entrepreneurs™ will prevail the grand shift of the ages, where all the time lines will colapse into two main paths, for awakened ones, and for one’s who choose to remain in their sleepwalking state. 

Your Psychic Powers Are Next…

Door 4: The 4th Wave of Humans Evolution & You

The 4th Wave of Human Evolution
Follow the Next Step of Your Journey

Checkpoint 19 talks about how to use your psychic senses into your favor in Personal life & Business?

I share with you the invisible counselors technique – A process that incorporate deep meditative-trance state, mindfulness, and quantum physics at one singular point. I’ve upgraded this techniques for more advances practitioners. Here you are entering a future timeline here you meet your evolved self, and have a coaching session with… Yourself.

The next Checkpoint (20) is about Lucid Dreaming. Wait a minute. What is lucid dreaming, you are asking me. So here is my definition: “This chapter is a quick reference to the process I’m using on those aspects with quick overview on the process, some you may know already and some quite new information.” I am sharing some of my dreams in details, and how how I analyzing them, and compose an action suggested from the encounters in the dream-like state. This chapter alone is Golden!

Our final chapter for this door talks about the art of channeling. Is it real, or just an invention of the imagination?

The next chapter (22) is a complete workshop for Indigo Child/Adult that touches on the main aspects we discussed here on the Indigo Code.

The 23rd checkpoint I am sharing my recollection of the war on the moon surface that happened on 19.11.2021, as my role a Fleet Commander of the Pleiadean-Aryan Armada.

Door 5: You Are a Psychic

You Are A Psychic
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While writing is an essential tool for any person who’s brain is moving faster than the speed pf light, Intuitive Writing is crucial skill that Starseeds has on their toolkit. Intuitive writing is derived from the astral spiritual realm and not from the brain you all know; this writing can be used as method of channeling. I’m writing many of my Fantasies and books via a process of Astral Projection which is semi-trance mode and when I wake up I’m writing it while living these events, even dreams or short day-dream visions… It’s an amazing technique.

In chapter 25 I reveal one of my processes of downloading divine communication, again with dreams as an example for demonstrating my technique LIVE.

chapter 26 is about How to write goals, plans, visions that are fully aligned with your Vortex.This process starts with your morning routine and how to be observant of your thoughts during your day. You’ll learn how to write and address your vision for relationships, Career, and Self-growth.

Art of Writing - Door 6
Art of Writing - Door 6

Cosmic Numerology Special Bonus!!!

There is a field of energy manifestation and frequency that called Cosmic Numerology and it’s somewhat different from the mainstream analysis of the cardinal numbers.

When in my analysis of numbers in people life I look at 3 main aspects: 1. Representation & attachment of number to a sphere within the geometry of Tree of Life. 2. What that Sphere, which is represented by the number, tells us. 3. Analysis of the course of the numbers within the spheres in the tree of life.
Let's review the numbers 3 and 9, what do they mean when looking at them correctly?

The Number 3 – This Sphere is representing the know-how to execute the higher potential that are being represented by the 2 Sphere. The number 3 connects the potentials that the souls see in the higher realms with the understanding of how it can be manifested in 3D. A man who holds that number in his life has a great power.

The number 9 – That sphere represents the right connection to the metaphysical world, the balanced levels of spirit of men while delivers the ability to be in control over his life experience. The 9 delivers the use of extreme forces in order to crate radical changes in the human life experience.

Full Images are included inside the Indigo Code.
Cosmic Numerology
Follow the Next Step of Your Journey
Awakened Look
Starseed is a soul that keep the fire burning all the time, every time

Current State:Awakened!!!

Lucid Dream As a Practical Tool to receive answers

Let's Review What Our Starseeds Has to Say about the Indigo Code Multidimensional Transformation...

Anabel Robarrio
Anabel Robarrio
Anabel's story is a powerful testament to how holistic self-improvement can bring about significant changes in multiple areas of life. The Indigo Code Course not only equipped her with the tools for success but also instilled in her a confidence that radiates in every aspect of her life.
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Before discovering the Indigo Code Course, I found myself at a standstill both personally and professionally. My dating life was a series of disappointing encounters, and my career had hit a plateau that I couldn’t seem to overcome. I was searching for something—anything—to help me break out of the rut I was stuck in. That's when I stumbled upon the Indigo Code Course, and little did I know, my life was about to take a turn for the better.

The Turning Point What intrigued me about the Indigo Code Course was its unique approach. It wasn’t just about dating or career advancement in isolation; it was about holistic self-improvement. The course promised to help me unlock my potential by addressing my mindset, confidence, communication skills, and much more. Skeptical but hopeful, I decided to give it a try.

A Holistic Approach to Self-Improvement From the first module, I knew this course was different. It wasn’t just about superficial tactics or quick fixes. The Indigo Code Course delved deep into the root causes of my struggles, helping me to understand myself on a deeper level. I learned how to break down the mental barriers that were holding me back, and I started to see the world—and my place in it—in a new light.

Dating Life: A Remarkable Transformation Before the course, my approach to dating was passive and filled with self-doubt. The Indigo Code Course taught me the importance of self-worth and how to project confidence without arrogance. I learned effective communication strategies that not only helped me in dating but in all my relationships. The change was astonishing. I started attracting the kind of partners I truly desired, forming connections that were deeper and more meaningful than ever before.

Career: Skyrocketing to New Heights Professionally, the course was equally transformative. The modules on career advancement were a goldmine of insights and practical advice. I learned how to assert myself in meetings, negotiate my salary, and present my ideas with confidence. The networking strategies I picked up were game-changers, opening doors to opportunities I wouldn’t have dared to knock on before. Within months of completing the course, I received a promotion at work, a testament to my newfound confidence and skills.

Beyond the Course: A Life Transformed The Indigo Code Course has been a life-changing journey for me. It’s not just the dating success or the career advancement; it’s the profound sense of self-awareness and empowerment I’ve gained. I now approach life with a positive mindset, ready to embrace challenges and opportunities alike. A Heartfelt Thank You To anyone feeling stuck or looking to make a change in their life, I cannot recommend the Indigo Code Course enough. It’s more than a course; it’s a journey towards becoming the best version of yourself. A heartfelt thank you to the incredible team behind the Indigo Code Course. You’ve helped me transform my life in ways I never thought possible.
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Hernandez
This is the Story of Andrew's Journey Finding about his True Origin, and not letting Other's to tell him what he can or can't be
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Before Andrew Hernandez stumbled upon the transformative book, "The Indigo Code," his life was a labyrinth of unanswered questions and unexplained abilities. Feeling perpetually misunderstood, Andrew grappled with a sense of isolation that shadowed his every interaction. It wasn't just that he felt different; it was as if he was different in a way no one around him could comprehend. That all changed the day he decided to invest $35.00 in a book that promised to unveil the mysteries of his soul's origin.

Andrew's journey began in a small, unremarkable bookstore when "The Indigo Code" caught his eye. The title whispered promises of understanding and belonging. Little did he know, this book would not only reveal his identity as an Indigo child but also illuminate the path to embracing his unique gifts. Indigo children, as he learned, are beings of a unique spiritual lineage, destined to bring about change and elevate human consciousness. They are equipped with extraordinary skills and an inherent understanding of the universe's deeper truths. This revelation was a balm to Andrew's weary soul. Finally, the pieces of his life's puzzle began to fit together, painting a picture of purpose and potential.

Armed with the knowledge and insights from "The Indigo Code," Andrew embarked on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. He learned to harness his abnormal skills, which others had dismissed as quirks or oddities, as the powerful tools they truly were. His newfound understanding allowed him to connect with like-minded individuals, forming bonds that transcended the superficial interactions that had once defined his relationships.

One of the most profound changes in Andrew was his attitude toward his unique abilities. Where once there was confusion and self-doubt, there was now confidence and clarity. He began to view his skills not as barriers to understanding but as bridges to connecting with others on a deeper level. Andrew's story is not just one of personal transformation but also a testament to the power of knowledge and the importance of seeking one's truth.

"The Indigo Code" was more than a book for Andrew Hernandez; it was a key that unlocked the door to his soul's origin. With its guidance, he navigated the complexities of being an Indigo child in a world that often seeks conformity. Today, Andrew is not just surviving; he is thriving. He has found his tribe, his purpose, and, most importantly, himself. This testimonial serves as an inspiration to all who feel lost, misunderstood, or alone in their differences. Andrew's journey underscores the message that sometimes, all it takes is a leap of faith and a small investment in oneself to change the course of one's life forever.

For Andrew, that leap was a mere $35.00, a price that pales in comparison to the invaluable understanding and acceptance he gained in return.
Alejandro Santana
Alejandro Santana
Alejandro used the indigo code journey to understand why he was attacked by the negative entities, and how he fought back, and became a lighthouse to lost souls
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The Indigo Code Journey was truly a life-changing experience for me. For years, I had been plagued by attacks from negative entities that seemed to drain me of my energy and leave me feeling hopeless and lost. I couldn't understand why these things were happening to me and I felt like I was constantly under siege. But the Indigo Code Journey helped me to uncover the root cause of these attacks and gave me the tools I needed to fight back. Through deep introspection and spiritual guidance, I was able to understand that these negative entities were drawn to me because of my own inner turmoil and unresolved issues. By facing my fears and healing my wounds, I was able to break free from their grip and reclaim my power.

But the journey didn't just end there. Once I had freed myself from the attacks, I felt called to be a beacon of light for others who were struggling with similar issues. I became a lighthouse to lost souls, offering guidance and support to those who were caught in the darkness.

Thanks to the Indigo Code Journey, I was able to transform my own pain and suffering into a source of strength and compassion. I am eternally grateful for the powerful tools and insights that this program provided me, and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to embark on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.