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Richard's Journey

Richard’s Journey

Richard Lionheart is the Founder of RL Enterprises Group Lt. A premium inner-circle investment company, Author (34 years of experience) of 10 books and hundreds of articles, and a Multidimensional Entrepreneur™. Richard is verified 2nd wave Indigo Starseed – Awakened since birth, who came here on a Journey to a mission that exceeds the physical realm.

His journey was and still is an inspiration for other Starseeds who are sleep unaware of their innate skills and mission here on Terra. “In the land of the blinds, the one-eyed man is king!”  (3rd eye). Life on planet Earth is A Journey much easier for sleepwalkers than it is for us, the Indigo Children. With that being said, after receiving a permit from the galactic command, the first book of the EpiConsciousness™ was born. Richard was threatened and attacked by the Draco-Orion Forces. Now he is traveling the world with his stories of War and the Awakening

Starseed Mentoring

Allow us to say it as is, without any BS: One Session with Richard equals one year of Standards consultant/alternative journey. Moreover, the ability to tap into the Akash records, and tailor a multidimensional journey made Richard a go-to guy among the 72,000,000 Starseeds on Earth.

Coming straight from the 9th dimension & member of the original 144,000, to unplug Starseed-oriented Entrepreneurs from the Matrix hibernation mode, into walking on the only path that is acceptable for you: Becoming your Boss! We are on a Journey of shifting into 4th density in 2024 and onward, whether you accept it or not. The universe doesn’t need your approval; only your commitment to remember who you are. Are you one of us, the indigo children? Let’s find out.

Starseed Mentoring
The Journey


Everything that’s on the 5th density & beyond that
The Starseeds-oriented Entrepreneurs must know.

We Just Don’t Give a Fuck!

We are committed to our 12 cardinal codes. Awakening other’s is a duty. Critics? Who cares.

Multidimensional Corporate™

We’re the 1st firm that identifies and delivers business practices with entities from higher dimensions.

Richard LIonheart

Richard Lionheart

CEO, RL Enterprises Group Ltd.

Keith McClelland

Keith McClelland

Sales Manager

Catalina Sandoval-Herrera

Catalina Sandoval-Herrera

GM | Marketing