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Live Events {-Portfolio

Live Events Portfolio

Whether you wish to be a part of the Indigo Code Journey to know more about your origin, to be amazed at the Wars I’ve been a part of against the Draco Reptilian forces, or maybe to learn about the 40 codes of Indigo Children; You don’t want to have an Event without Richard, your

More Details Coming Soon

The Fleet Commander’s Log

The Journal of a Light Warrior and the battles against the Draco Orion’s – Real Personal Encounters. Live Event.

More Details Coming Soon

The Indigo Code Book Tour

The Indigo Code Official Book Tour. $10,000 cash prize on the 1st day! Yes. Special Guest Show. Live Event.

More Details Coming Soon

The Starseed Lounge™ Gathering

A Lounge Setting talks with guests and Starseeds. Their challenges and How they face them.

More Details Coming Soon

The Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Explained humorously, and proven by the infinite laws of the Universe. Don’t Believe? Try Us! Live Event.

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Live Events with Audience, in a Lounge Setting. Look at Each Event for Details.
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