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They Came After Me. That's a Big Mistake!

The Journal of a Light Warrior and the battles against the Orion’s Social Memory Complex. Real personal Encounters.

The Last Warrior Event
Galactic Warriors Are a Level Beyond Star Trek.

These are 1st-hand recent encounters of an Active Fleet Commander with the Orion’s and Reptilian social memory complex. As an Indigo Starseed from the Pleiadian and Lyra, Richard’s awakening was a major pain in the ass for the dark brotherhood and the Military Industrial complex. Once Richard took part in the Moon war on 19.11.2021, They started to attack him like cowards. Little did they know that Richard was only human by his appearance. His vengense started a series of battles. Inspire your audience. Awaken them all.

What is it all about?

Human vs Cosmic POV
Winning a Battle is Done by Activating the Indigo Code

The Numbers Tells the Story

8 Incidents, 3 Years, 2 ships were destroyed, and 960 war planet under my command.

Live Audience Events

Live Events ensures that “they” can’t temper the information shared with you.

All-Sensory Experience

Vivid presentations, Images, Videos, Q&A, and Hot Seat Sessions.

The Indigo Code Book
The Moon War is Available on This Book. Order Now on

Why Is It Important Now?

There are many Starseeds that are currently unaware of their true nature, and they are in a deep hibernation state. Some were attacked by negative-polarity entities, but they’re unaware of that or they are afraid to share their experiences with others. I get it, who would believe them, Right? So, I’m sharing for the very first time my recollection of the recent incidents, the method of attacks & technology they used on me and others, and how everyone who had the same incidents can protect themselves & their loved ones.

This event will trigger a wave of awakening on an unimaginable scale. Others will be inspired by that, and they will have an address to share their secrets with us. Only an awakened soul will get it.

From the Soul-Trapping Technology that I captured on the Inner Moon on 19.11.2021, to the Hive of Cocoons where I saw myself asleep in one. They Hijacked me, so I went there to release myself. What I did after that, sent shockwaves through the Draco-Reptilian Social Memory Complex. I warned them not to Fuck with me!!!

Did you have an incident like the one I shared on stage?