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The Origin of the Luciferian Brotherhood

Part 1: The True Formation Timeline of the "Evil Hand"

The Black Pope - Pepe Orsini

Welcome dear Starseeds, Indigo Children’s, Commanders, and Multidimensional Entrepreneurs of Planet Earth. Today we have a nice revelation on the Illuminati Syndicate, or as others might know it as the Cabal; Dark Brotherhood; or the Babylonian Brotherhood. In this first part of this series, we will discuss the origin and formation of this Evil alliance that goes back to the war in the heavens. We will mention names of families, and reveal the name of the “Black Pope”, out in the open. This revelation caused the black pope to order the hit on President Kennedy. For the very 1st time we are going to have a simple & practical explanation & timeline of the different phases of the “Hidden Hand” from the rebellion of Lucifer in the heavens until our day, and deep into the end of their regimen.

Watch the Full Video Episode in the Video Player Below. Click the “PLAY” Button and Enjoy the Show