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Why 93% of Parents Fail to Connect With Their (Indigo) Children?

93% of Parents Fail to Connect With Their (Indigo) Children
Your kids might be more advanced than you, the parents. They vibrate like an Angels!

Did you as parents say one of the “complaints” Below?

“They Don’t Listen to Me”
“When I speak, It goes way over their heads”
“She hears me but doesn’t listen. I don’t know what to do”
“He Lives in his world. A Bubble, and I wish he’d be a normal kid”
“He has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD”

Most of the parents went through the standard route of public schools, the army, and the workplace, getting their education and knowledge from mainstream systems in child care, mental health, and the medical field. Therefore, it is no secret that when parents encounter a very hyper child or on the opposite scale, an Introvert — They seek help and cure from the known channels to “Make their kids Great Again”.

It seems that there is an invisible barrier between the parents who grew up and were raised in a very different timeline than their kids. But even more modern parents face the same issues, and too many use drugs and mind-altering chemicals substances to balance their kid’s brains, calm them down, and make them more calm and balanced.Does it work? Nope!

"Today I will explain in a nutshell who are your kids, why is it happening to you as parents, and 10 effective ways to expand your knowledge and help your kids more effectively than the old corrupted systems of today."

Your Children Are Not Yours, You Just Gave Birth to Them

The current estimation of those unique groups of souls called the Indigo Children (Starseeds), on our planet is around 71,000,000 children.

Parents everyone saying that their kid is special and unique, but this is not the case for parents who were lucky enough to have kids that are so smart and evolved from the rest and many smarter adults. These kids hold 40 unique characteristics that other groups of children and adults don’t own. We have a unique oath and mission, and you as parents must be familiar with your kids. You will “click” with your siblings on a much deeper level.

Here is a presentation I made about the 40 characteristics of an Indigo Child, find out if your kid is an Indigo Child. Click the Image to View on Rumble.

Let’s take one common scenario from the school, Shall we?
In this realistic scenario, your kid isn’t getting along very well with the teachers, as he defies every authority figure. Now, let’s spice it up with swinging moods that occur quite often, he gets bored in school but he might like sports or creative arts.

Now, the principals call you, the parents, to school and tell you about all the wrongdoings, and how they suggest handling this situation. You talk to your kids but your words are flying like a Jet at 20,000Ft. Then you try a special child psychologist, that will work for a while but not for long. In more extreme situations when your child is been labeled as ADD or maybe slightly autistic, the drugs come in.

Hooray! We Solved the Problem

Think Again.

You are doing so much harm to your kids by going the standard routes of therapy. Your children can’t be like everyone else. They didn’t come here to this planet to be like the rest. They are different for a reason. They have a strong purpose and destiny, and you have an unwritten contract with them way before you, the parents came here for your “Road Trip”.

The system isn’t equipped to handle children who vibrate in higher frequencies of 5th dimension and up. Because you forgot your contract with your children you try to do what is right for them; but more often than not, you are not equipped with the knowledge and practices to handle, guide, and raise your Indigo Children. The Starseeds.

Question, Richard— “So, you’re saying that our children know better than the teachers & us?

“Yes! Although they are young in your physical counting (linear timeline), their soul is old and wise. Few of them came from the future, but you seek to observe only through your physical lens, hence missing out on 99% of connecting to your kids on much deeper levels.

What Should I Do Now? Here Are 9 Practical Actions You Can Take Now to Connect With Your Children

9 practical steps to help you “get in touch” with your Indigo Child:

  1. First,you need to enhance your awareness of the concept of the Indigo Children, and although this article is a great appetizer, a more enhanced and practical guide is needed. I’ve released the 2nd edition of my book: “The Indigo Code — Journey of Indigo Starseed to Earth”.>>Click Here<<

    This multidimensional is a reference, a guide, and a course in one cover to help you understand your indigo child. If your child is answering to most of the 40 characteristics of the Indigo children (see above), your next step is through this. I went through almost all of the steps that your child went through, and I helped many parents communicate better with their kids.
    Here is a full explanation of the book structure at

  2. Stop using any drugs or chemical supplements on your kids, and that includes cosmetic and bath products with SLS, fluoride, and other Toxins. Sunscreens are also forbidden for your children.
  3. Use Organic and natural nutrition as much as possible with your kids. Water should be through glass bottles (no BPA plastics), with 9.5PH. White Flour and Sugar, as well as dairy products (cow milk), are forbidden.
  4. More time in nature, in the ocean, forest, and barefoot will do wonders for your children. Minimal exposure to electronics as the Radiation from those devices is lethal in the long run.
  5. Don’t be a Fool — Don’t go to School! It’s better to use homeschooling or private community schooling like in ancient times. Public education Systems are bad for your kids and deliver no value.Matrix Programming.
  6. Soft Music of binaural beats and isotones that is 432Hrz is optimal. Don’t let me hear mainstream 440Hrz music as it is emitting Destructive patterns to the DNA & brain. Ocean | Forest | Nature.
  7. There is a specific way to inspire us to do something. We must know Why and be emotionally connected to the vision to inspire us to take Action. I elaborate on it in my latest
    book:The Indigo Code.
  8. Girls need to have role models who are well-balanced and familiar with divine feminity, rather than today’s female singers & influencers That destroy any chance of your daughters being happy & balanced.
  9. Feel free to comment below and ask any specific questions, and I will happily share tips, sources, and insights to help you. I give direct and accurate answers, I’m not beating around the Bush.
Thank you for investing the time to learn more about your siblings. It takes one to know one 😉

Richard Lionheart.
Founder & CEO at RL Enterprises Group Ltd. | Author | The Starseed Lounge Show Host.

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