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Influence People by Public Speaking (DC)



Here is a summary of the very essentials of Dale Carnegie’s teachings on How to develop self-confidence and influence people through Public Speaking. Chapters 1 and two.

The summary is from the book that carries the title above. I will go through chapter by chapter, and I will share my intakes & personal tips with you.  

I recommend going through Dale Carnegie’s full masterclasses to gain the best practices. This series is an added value to you, as sharing is my drug.

Richard Lionheart
February 2023. Lisbon, Portugal.

Chapter 1 – Developing Courage and Self-Confidence

If you were to write the top 50 fears any human being would rather not face, there’s no doubt that Public Speaking (not spanking, you sick fu&k), would be on the top of the list. This fear is the beast!

That fear is the result of a lack of self-confidence, and that is derived from uncertainty and poor preparation. You don’t know what to say or when to say it. When you don’t have a solid structure (leave anything to chance), your mind will fill those gaps with FEARS (False Emotions, Appear Real). 

There are four ways to address this FEAR:

  1. Start with a strong & persistent desire (rip the future benefits now)
  2. Prepare to avoid despair. Confidence = You Know What You’ll Say!
  3. Act Confident. You can act as if you were brave.
  4. Practice!

Let’s Use a Very Simple Practice.

Take a 3-paragraph text you don’t know. Press RECORD on your mobile voice recording APP, and read it as on stage.

Did you notice that your brain struggles a bit on that as it tries to match tones?

Now turn off the App > Read the text in your mind once to get familiar with it > Now go through it again in your mind with the right pitch and tone according to the text & the message you wish to convey. Now press RECORD and go with it. Did you notice a massive improvement?

Chapter 2 – Self-Confidence Through Preparation

The key to a successful public speaking event lies in good preparation. Preparation is the assembling of your thoughts, ideas, convictions, and urges. While doing that, you do it with a little concentration & thinking about a purpose.


I always carry with me a good-quality notebook, pen, ruler, marker, and one-color pen with me wherever I go. I clear my mind with breathing techniques, I glide with my imagination on a subject I wish to explore, and I let the flow come to me.

Once they arrive, I use pen and paper to write them down. I don’t use the laptop at this point in the morning, as this allows me to download it properly. Then I put it all into folders with notes (handwritten notes), and when the time will come as an inspiration moment – I take into the computer and type it all down with diagrams & images. I file it into the proper folder Digitally and printed it!

Preparation Process.

  1. Choose Topics that interest you, and be passionate about them.
  2. Pick 1–2 angles of that subject (agree or disagree). Less is More.
  3. Select your subject a week before the event or earlier.
  4. Ask yourself all the possible questions on the matter at hand. Write it.
  5. Do it while standing & moving. Practice 3 minutes speech.
  6. Think of your audience’s wants & wishes. They are the center, not you.
  7. Perform decent research on your topic | Other speakers to learn from
  8. Know everything about your product before you sell it.
  9. Record yourself & listen > Do you have many gaps or AHM moments?
  10. What clothes are you going to wear? Which colors? Is it an Audience fit?
  11. Can you record yourself in a 3-minute speech on video?
  12. Can you ask for a friend to see you & give performance insights?
  13. Meditate before – See your perfect performance & feedback.
  14. Now, go back to Your wife & take out the trash, your house stinks 😉

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