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The Mystery of the 144,000. Who Are They?


Lately there are many rumors and interpretations for the number 144,000.
Is it only a frequency? Is it a number of souls collective? Or is it a code that can decipher ancient scripts and crystalline vaults buried underground of Antarctica? In todays article I’m going to share with you the truth about the mysterious number of the 144,000 soul’s frequency.

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First aspect is that there were 144,000 Martian souls that incarnated on Earth, coming from Mars (I was Born on April 8th = Aries = Mars is the ruling planet); for the purpose of spreading love and compassion. However, most of those souls (Elon Musk is one of them), have forgotten their true essence and mission. What a bummer! Those souls that are unaware of their true purpose are controlled by the Orion’s Social Memory Complex, or what I like to call them: The Sleepwalkers!

I’m one of the very few that were awakened since I was young at age, and I was fighting the Draco’s and the Orion’s in our galaxy wars for years on end now. I have a special event where I talk about these incidents on details, live on stage. View the Events tab for more detailed information about my mission here on Terra.

The number 144 is more evident in the flower of life pattern. I encourage you to view the wonderful explanation of Matias de Stefano explains 144,000 souls, the sacred geometry, frequencies, and dimensions related to this number. Another small hint is the numerology. 1 + 4 + 4 = 9. These numbers of 9 is of the 4th dimension and up, it is a gateway to the upper realm. 9 is a powerful number.

This number also connected to our fully activated 12 strands of DNA, it is also a frequency that with mantras can open portals and heal peoples. Ancient civilizations used that in their temples.

Download the Presentation

I am one of the 144,000 original souls that came here. A verified Indigo Starseed, Fleet Commander of the Armies of Light, An ancient teacher, A high Priest in Atlantis, and a Hooters bar owner in Lemuria. Now take a guess which one is false. The winner will get a free ticket to the positive timeline by my approval.

Click here to download and view the presentation

And another small bonus for you
I composed a short video that shows 40 characteristics of Indigo soul. This video will show you, how close are you to be one of us. Click here to view this video on the Starseed Lounge™ show on Rumble.

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