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Five Careers Suitable for Multidimensional Entrepreneurs™


As we move into the Age of Aquarius, human society is undergoing a rapid transformation of unprecedented scale, not seen since the days of Atlantis. This transformation will affect careers, and the monetary system will be replaced by a Quantum currency, amongst other changes. The industries that exist today will no longer be relevant and even the Elites won’t be able to prevent it. Are you prepared for this change?

There are industries that will be more in line with the frequencies of the 4th density shift that our planet is going through, and will escalate between the time frame of 2024 and 2030. There will be a collapse of timelines to 2, the ones who are awakened will move into positive timeline, and will move to 4th, some will go to 5th, and fewer even will go to 6th and up densities. Today we will discuss the main five industries that will be valid in 2024 and forward. We will expand on each industry in future articles, so “no hay problema”


Career number 1 – Guardians of the Galaxy As we are approved to rejoin the galactic family, some of us will go back to our previous positions, as travelers and guardians of the galaxy. Our craft will be operated via our consciousness that will operate the craft at will. Our payment will be via the new monetary system of Quantum currency. No more central banking, crypto, and all other made up “currencies”.

career number 2 – Joyful Creators
As the need to work for money will become obsolete as we are going through the shift, we will create pure joy, and it may be books, literature, music based on sounds and frequencies like 528Hz, crystal sculpture and homes. We will share our gifts with others and exchange them for the fun of it, as all of our basic needs will be provided for us.

Career number 3 – Multidimensional Entreprises
As the structure of the biggest hacks like “JOBS” or “EMPLOYMENT” are declining as we are progressing with technology and connectivity, we will be a society based on Independent units that provide value to each other rather than B2C in a traditional way. Forget about phrases such as B2C or B2B. It’s time to get acquainted to a new realm of E2E = Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs™ .

Career Number 4 – Galactic Scientists and Explorers
Yes! As we are ever expanding and evolving entities, we will continue to explore genetic manipulation, quantum entanglement, Magister schools like we had in Egypt and the far east, as well as in Atlantis. The ones who wish to travel to other galaxies will have a handful of experiments and creations in lower densities colonies. We will guide them just like our ancestors are guiding us all the time.

Career number 5 – The Master Teachers
If you were a master teacher or a teacher in the past (Still is, as all timelines co-exist simultaneously), you might wish to continue doing so, but this time no other entity like the Deep State will control the wisdom that you might want to transfer to others. If you are in a lifeboat 7, 33, or 34 it’s a strong indication that you are A Teacher, not a preacher. There are 8 signs that tell you if you are a teacher of the 5th kind.


The extremely rapid changes that washes out planet is a part of a rapid acclamation into the 4th dimensions, where the linear timeline will lose it holds in our minds, hence – Time is moving faster than ever before, and it requires you to be more adaptable for changes, and growth. Some of us took an active role to come here not only as a master galactic teachers (Many are called the Indigo Children), but as a galactic warriors, to battle the Draco_Orion Empire last stronghold in our galaxy: Earth, and some posts on Mars.

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