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Who are the Indigo Children & What is their Mission?


Now, I know that most of you already graduated from school or, if you are unfortunate, College / University without missing it too much.

To have a clear and coherent understanding of the different characteristics that compose the Indigo Children, we need to have a brief history lesson on our cosmic origin, focusing on our main topic. Some might hear this for the “first” time.

Once upon a time, not so long ago… CORRECTION… It was a long time ago… After the great plant of Tiamat was destroyed, and planet Earth was built from its ruins, advanced civilization and entities occupied our planet as back as 560 million years ago (You can forget the “Hunter-Gatherers” crap right now).


The celestial galactic humanoids came from the free star systems of the Pleiades, Arcturus, upper Orion, Lyra, Vega, Alpha Centauri, Betelgeuse, Mintaka, and Al Nil am in upper Orion, Sirius, and some even migrated from our neighboring galaxy Andromeda. During the seeding of Tiamat/Earth, there were Star Wars that occurred through different races and galaxies over the control of our local galaxy between the Draco-Reptiles Empire that cited with Orion’s defective officers and the Light beings that united under the Galactic federations. About 4 million years ago, a new cycle of seeding of galactic civilizations began with the Lemurians, also known as MU. Only the purest of hearts were allowed to exist on this planet, thanks to the screening process by the Galactic Federation. The infiltration of our solar system took place through a Stargate that was opened on Mars. That war destroyed the human populations of Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Earth.

Fast Forward a Bit

The last galactic advanced civilization in modern times was ATLANTIS, a true Heaven on Earth where different races and galactic civilizations co-existed in peace and prosperity for tens of thousands of years, Until about 13,000 years ago.

The Fall of Atlantis and the Starseeds Waves Descending to Earth

During a time known as the golden age, things were going well until the Anunakis, also known as fallen angels, began to follow Enki in secret. Enki had joined the Draco-Reptilians, who were considered to be very bad individuals. Enki and the Anunakis made the decision that once the galactic federation had cleansed Maldek and Mars, Atlantis would become their new home.

They had 3 goals: 1) Corrupt the pure bloodline of Michael
                                  2) Impose a Draconian Empire over the world (Earth)
                                  3) Enslave humans as slave race, entrapped in 3D.      

Atlantis initially had a spiritual focus, but it changed as visitors from various star systems arrived to explore. The community began prioritizing technology, eventually becoming similar to a Martian colony and one-sided in their evolution. Atlantis was an active population two stellar system civilization, with 12 strands of DNA activated that allowed us to live for hundreds of thousands of years, among other “candies” that this state has to offer.  

coup d’état 

  • Marduk, son of Enki convinced low-ranking federation officers to join him, 50,000 Years ago. (Here the “secret” or “double-agent” term was born.
  • They infiltrated the ruling body in Atlantis & once they succeeded, everything started to change.
  • The ruling class was divided into 2 classes: The majority who now wanted to change Atlantis into a totalitarian system of absolute control under the direction of Marduk, and the minority who remained loyal to the Spiritual way of life. (Here come terms like “Totalitarian” and “Monarchy”).
  • A new path has been created: A path of technology mixed with the corrupted spiritual knowledge that later developed into black magic and sorcery. I also include here all the monotheistic religions & their ‘rulers’. They brought up Reptilian technology that resembled AI. Whoops!!!

Anyone is having a De Ja Vu?

  • This is the beginning of the dark brotherhood, secret societies, religious dogmas, and the few that control the masses that we now know. The divine teachings that were available to all, are now only available to the soldiers and the few (Just like today! You did it again. Bravo!)
  • About 25,000 years ago the motherland Lemuria suffered a cataclysmic event – She imploded and went underground. Many died, some fled to other planets, and some lived inside the Earth’s terrain. (one of the moons exploded just over Lemuria. We left now with a single moon).
  • Next, the new Atlanteans destroyed the Yu colony in today’s Asia region, the Rama colony in today’s India region, and the Mayan Colony in the Yucatan Mesoamerican region.
  • Where did the survivors go?
    à Marduk/Seth went to Egypt to continue the Draconian agenda.
    à Osiris, Isis & Horus the work of light continued.
    à Underground Networks like Shambala in Tibet, and Agartha
    à Mt. Shasta in California and the Himalayan network
    à Etheric cities in the 5D, and 6D.

How Did Atlantis Fall?

The Draco Orion managed to harness a colossal-sized asteroid this time and brought it into the vicinity of Earth. It fell on Atlantis, about 12,800 years ago.
Atlantis enlightened celestials ascended to 6th density, and the material parts went under the waves. Important Technology was rescued and hidden from the Orion’s. Some of it is found in the Hall of Records under the Egyptian Sphinx.  

This is where we come in

As we are approaching the time of shifting the entire planet to 4th density, and onward, the plan of the Dark Brotherhood, Draco-Reptile-Orion alliance for global domination on our planet, and on our solar system is still alive & kicking.

It was foreseen ages ago, even the Mayan (who ascended already) calendar that ends in 2024 (Not 2012!) states that this is a huge portal with the pinnacle of the great war between dark and light.   

This planet was in the dark ages for 13,000 years since Atlantis has fallen.

The Dark Brotherhood established an alliance with earth leaders from various areas (Tech, Finance, Banking, Religion, Science, Pharma, Education, History, and Food); to maintain their dominance here on this planet in exchange for power & money while the rest of humanity will stay in a slavery mode, with monetary system as the main tool of control and manipulation.

Humanity needed help and fast, so the call went across the galaxies and local universes for highly evolved souls to incarnate here on Earth, with the purpose of:
 1. Guiding & awakening the sleepwalkers.
2.  Protecting the planet’s cosmic grid, and reactivating the 5th ring of Atlantis
3.  reaching the critical mass of 12% awakened ones.
4.  The Warrior Race, Commanders to actively fight the Draco-Orion Empire.

They Were Called the Indigo Children

Click here to view the 10-page presentation created by GAMMA. Did they nail it?

Who started to come here in the ’50s, ’70s, and 2000s as waves, each time in large numbers. These souls have about 40 characteristics that separate them from the rest of the souls here. Now, let us review the 40 shades of indigo children. Click here to review the Trailer about 40 codes of Indigo Children.

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