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Author’s Choice – Is it Your Purpose or just a Marketing Trick?


It’s no secret that about 80% of the authors out there decide to write a book based on business or lower egoistic decisions, such as brand recognition or the need to be famous. They might think it’s a pure destiny for them, or is it?

If you are a new writer or an author, and you are considering writing a book that will truly make an impact, and it’s to match your Akash records – you probably have a few questions in mind. With these three easy questions, how do you know if your future book is your life’s purpose or a pure business decision?

1. How can you know if it’s a high-vibration project or not?
2. How can manage the rigorous process of reaching the right audience?
3. What if nobody reads my book, or it will help him or her?
4. With the age of technology – Is a book a wise decision for me?

Look, I get it. I do.

Publishing a book can be a daunting task. With an abundance of publications worldwide, it’s natural to have fears that may hold you back. New authors often worry about their work getting lost in the sea of books and authors. Despite the ease of self-publishing options available today, the decision to publish can still be difficult.

Today, I want to share with you my process for making decisions. Whether it’s publishing books, videos, or merchandise, I always ask myself three important questions. These questions require complete honesty from me, and they help me determine whether a particular choice aligns with my true destiny or if it’s just a marketing ploy disguised as destiny.

The Three Questions are:

1. Is it a passion of mine since I was young? Is it free from the outside programming from parents, the education system, and social media?

2. If I were about to know, for a fact, that no one will buy this book, or love it. Am I willing to go through the process regardless of knowing the outcome?

3. Whenever I talk about the book, my eyes light up with excitement, and I know that it’s in my blood to sell it effortlessly.

These three questions seem to be simple, but once addressing them, it feels deeper as the Mariana trench. Now, I won’t leave you to dry, let’s review them in depth.

Let’s Dive Deeper into This one…

The 1st Question is the base filtering level, where we go to childhood.

In the early years under the sun, you had a set a natural skill and souls’ program; and it was just before you’ve been programmed by the system. Your social skills, the school, and parts of your family that did their very best to neglect the dreams and fantasy world to a more “down to earth” way of living.

Let me share with you some of the base qualities I had back then, and still have:

  • I was a human hub – Very good at connecting people with people, and people with their true potentials (I could read their Akash Records), effortlessly.
  • My imagination & creativity were off the chart. They were interlinked with my supernatural skills. Later on, I had to shut them down, so I can be less socially awkward. This phase is where many indigo children had to go through duo to lack of role model who is spiritually evolved. We were thrown into the cold waters. I wrote poetry, short fantasy stories, lucid dreaming, things I’ve seen in astral projection meditations and Astral trips.
  • I was Funny – I made people smile, changing their state from low vibration to high vibration in seconds.
  • Psychic Skills were hyphened. This scared my social circle, and I didn’t know how can I use them to fulfill my destiny or manifest my career. More details about those skills, you can read in the “Indigo Code” book.

The 2nd phase is important as well. It requires a brutal honesty from you here.

To each book, I say profoundly: YES. I saw it as when I wrote it – Manifestation is done. I publish them – Manifestation is now completed. Whether who and if they will purchase it – It’s secondary to me.  

The Midnight-Train fantasy series was written in 1991, and the Indigo Code came out in 2022. Now I’m marketing them as a part of a complete spiritual awakening. Yes, even the erotic fantasy trilogy! I had made the script for a podcast episode where I will show you how it connected to the hero’s journey (from upper energy centers, and not from red chakra as it believed to be).

The 3rd phase is the cherry on top.

What are the topics or areas of interest that when you find yourself speaking about them, you “sell” them to everyone without even trying?
What topic you speak passionately about with your eyes lit up? What area of interest you have that others tell you: “How can I get what you have?” or “Can you sell me that, I’ll give you more than the asked market price?”
Write 4–5 subjects down after carefully review hundreds of past interactions!

Here Are 5 Examples from my own Life

1. I convinced numerous people in the need to have 2nd and even 3rd citizenships. For me that was the Portuguese citizenship (European Union) for others who didn’t have any other citizenships rather than their base one. If they are parents to kids who didn’t find the reasons to do so – I attached the process to their kids needs and future possibilities. We know that parents will do everything to make their kids’ lives better than their own, given that chance. In a global, borderless era – This is a must for everyone. I sold it easily.

If you are an aspired business owner or already an owner of a business, and don’t have any other citizenships; I show them that today you must be online and sell to audiences outside your own community; You must have the option to live in other continents if you’ll get bored from your current place.

2. I convinced every friend and everyone in my social circle, and of course over 2,340 men that their best interest is to date a foreign woman from South-East Asia or Latin-America, while letting go of the modern-western entitled women.

How did I do it?

Because I was emotionally invested in the Spanish language, the Latin culture, the dances and vibes, and Latinas in my life. It’s a no brainer for selling the Latin America.  What about Thailand? I lived there since 2014 to 2020, before moving to Portugal. By now, you have what it takes to own your innate skills to your career.  

3. Everything that is related to our true cosmic origin, the matrix, who’s controls who behind the scenes, and actively participating in Star Wars. You name it, I got it with evidences, undeniable truths. You can read all about it in my book: “The Indigo Code – Journey of Indigo Starseed to Earth” on Amazon, and on

4. The important of natural organic nutrition and lifestyle without any use of drugs, vaccines or any pile of shit that has been conveyed by the pharma cartels. 

5. Having an Adventure-Touring motorbike such as Ducati or BMW.
Be a part of communities of riders; going to road trips worldwide; having your foreign girlfriend with you. Freedom, mobility, adventure, danger, pure joy.


That is, it for today. This process is simple and yet complex. It guarantees to align you with your innate blueprint in a way no other mainstream teacher or coacher can do as they don’t speak the language of the Starseed. I do.

This process helped me with several projects that are selling very well:

  • “The Indigo Code” Course – Book, Workbook, and Bonuses.
  • “Enlightened Shadows” 1st book of the “Midnight Train” Series.
  • “Why Indigos Don’t Have a Box?” Digital Book.
  • “Lucid Messages from the 9th Dimension” book
  • “Diario de un Mochilero” fantasy book
  • Eight Online Courses
  • “Ask Don Ricardo” – A lucid dream interpretation to action plan.
  • Red Pill Warrior – Premium Radical Fashion Design for Men.

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